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Meet Our Coaches

Our coaching team for 2024 consists of experienced individuals who have played and coached rugby at elite levels. They are certified by USA Rugby and diligently pursue Continuing Education Credits each season. The staff includes Wolfpack alumni, former college team players and leaders, active participants in local men and women's organizations, and dedicated members who have been part of the organization since its establishment in 1997. Despite varying tenures, their shared passion for the game drives them to introduce rugby to the next generation and mentor our young student-athletes.

HS Girls (8th - 12th)

Natalie Cruz

Rachel Allison

Angel Rucci*


HS Boys (10th - 12th)

Jim Collins

Anthony Marano***

Sean McPherson


Junior Boys (8th & 9th)

David Plunkett 

Ryan Somers**


Youth CO-ED (5th - 7th)

Jesse Lewis

Larry Mcmanus 



*West Chester Area School District Advisor

**Assists with Junior and Youth

***West Chester Area School District Liaison

Meet the Coaches

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